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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cartoon for February 9 - Opinion

Cartoon for February 9 - Opinion

I'm amazed that so many college students completely miss the point of this cartoon, and apparently all other cartoons in this controversy.

It is not disrespectful to discuss ideas.

Mohammed isn't being portrayed having sex with a donkey. He's being shown at the center of a controversy, which is the legitimate purpose for political cartooning.

Muslims who declare that they have a right not to be insulted do not belong in Westen Civilization, which has a liberal tradition of freedom of political expression. The attempt to muzzle this freedom of expression is at the very heart of Islam's efforts to subvert the West.

The fact is that if a cartoon of Mohammed as the righteous and brave leader of holy Islam appeared in a newspaper, there would BE no controversy or expression of inignation on the part of Muslims. it is precisely because they DISAGREE with the message of the cartoon that they are claiming a right to have it censored.

Wake up, student body! The real fascists are NOT the Republicans.

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